Leadership Impact:

Your Voice , Speech and Presence

 February 28, 2024

Druid Theatre, Galway

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A leader who communicates with impact projects authentic and powerful presence with ease and poise. They make every interaction count and their leadership is both visible and audible. Their physical and spoken communication are congruent and resonant. They communicate clearly and confidently to move and inspire. They listen with strategic empathy to build a bridge to their clients and teams. They have learned to listen while they speak. They maintain their composure and presence under pressure to respond with credibility, calm and clarity, in person and virtually.
The goal of this training and coaching course is to enhance the spoken and listening skills presence of the participants to have leadership impact in all their interactions and particularly in presentations, meetings and interviews.


Join Mark Downey and a small group of leaders (max. 10) in this unique space built for the speaking voice, the iconic Mick Lally Theatre in Druid Theatre Company’s, legendary Galway space.



Danny McCoy, CEO, Ibec, Dublin, Ireland

“Mark Downey provides incisive coaching to untap the latent capacity of our executives to be both present in the moment and using the power of their voice to reveal their authentic self. Mark combines an intellectual framework along with practical routines to provide executives with the confidence to be leaders in a multitude of situations.  I personally benefited from honing my public speaking experience to be a better communicator. I would recommend Speech and Presence to be a trusted business partner.”


David McWilliams, Economist, broadcaster and author. Dublin, Ireland
"Mark introduced me to some very interesting and practical concepts and techniques which had an immediate impact on my public talks. I would highly recommend his professional, friendly and effective coaching to anyone who communicates for a living."
Karen Laprade, FEA, Founder and CEO at Lead Family Enterprise Advisors. Vancouver, BC, Canada
“My work with Mark has afforded me a greater understanding of my physical self and with that comes the ability to use my presence to convey strong and committed messages that draw my audience to my message, and ultimately to me.
The ability to always present in a clear, confident and compelling manner is always at my fingertips"

PRA, Patsy Rodenburg Associate, Speech and Presence Expert, Voice Coach, Ireland

My approach is immediately practical and carefully rigorous in addressing specific real-world communication challenges such as presentations, meetings, interviews and leadership impact, on camera or face to face. My coaching style has been described as compassionate and encouraging, challenging and fair, enlightening and fun. All of my work is bespoke to each client’s needs, in group training or private coaching, online and in life for native and non-native English speakers.

My background ranges from studies in psychology, literature and theatre to on-camera performance, certifications in physical expression with Jacques Lecoq and multi voice, speech and presence certifications, most recently from Patsy Rodenburg.I studied speechwriting and storytelling under such masters as Simon Lancaster and continue to deepen my knowledge in the neuroscience of presence, communication and culture with Prof. Iain McGilchrist’s work.

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Leadership Impact (In Person Full Day Group Training)


  • Second Circle™ Presence: authentic, uncluttered and energised Presence

  • The power source: access diaphragmatic breath to stay present under pressure.

  • Learn to create real two-way emotional connection with your listener/ speaker.

  • The natural version of your body language for compelling clarity and credibility.

  • Open your natural voice for powerful, resonant and effortless communication

  • Own your space: projecting your presence effortlessly into any sized space

  • Speak on your feet: build a clear line of unscripted argument

  • The levels of conscious and unconscious triggers in words.

  • Reduce the dependence on slides in presentations

  • Listening skills: learn to listen in full presence, especially when speaking.

  • Crafting an argument /pitch/presentation for a specific audience’s

  • Understand the power of narrative in presentations for memorable impact

“Strike the iron before it freezes!” Samuel Beckett

 February 28, 2024

Druid Theatre, Galway

Limited Spots Available Click Here To Sign Up

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