€450,00 EUR

Leadership Impact: Your Voice , Speech and Presence Training

Leadership Impact

(In Person Full Day Group Training)

February 28, 2024 Galway

Mick Lally Theatre Space in Druid 


  • Second Circle™ Presence: authentic, uncluttered and energised Presence

  • The power source: access diaphragmatic breath to stay present under pressure.

  • Learn to create real two-way emotional connection with your listener/ speaker.

  • The natural version of your body language for compelling clarity and credibility.

  • Open your natural voice for powerful, resonant and effortless communication

  • Own your space: projecting your presence effortlessly into any sized space

  • Speak on your feet: build a clear line of unscripted argument

  • The levels of conscious and unconscious triggers in words.

  • Reduce the dependence on slides in presentations

  • Listening skills: learn to listen in full presence, especially when speaking.

  • Crafting an argument /pitch/presentation for a specific audience’s

  • Understand the power of narrative in presentations for memorable impact