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A lot of us believe that powerful personal presence is a quality exclusive to those who were born with it or some mysterious artform open only to those of privilege and status.


I believe that embodied presence is our natural state of energy and by doing the right work, we can set about reclaiming our birthright and accelerating our journey to becoming leaders who have presence, impact, and influence in-person and online, professionally, and in life.





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Mark Downey, RRT.

I am the Speaker Coach. My mission is to hold the space for others so that they may embody their most powerful presence to listen, speak and lead with humanity-driven reason. I train and coach business, community and thought leaders globally in all aspects of their communication interactions.

I am a multi-certified and registered Voice, Speech and Presence coach whose particular mission is to foster the state of  embodied presence as a  way of dealing with the world and one another.  In a time where our sedentary, hi-tech and mechanized lifestyles are shifting us farther apart to the detriment of our society and planet this can only help us survive and thrive.

However, I am keenly aware that this work must also be practical, applicable and effective in this fast-paced world and so the work is focused on the action more than the thinking, knowing that this can in turn change our brains to become more powerfully present, compassionate and balanced human beings.


Mark Downey, RRT, Registered Rodenburg Teacher

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Why Presence?

I created this platform to democratize access to this work and allow us all a greater opportunity to connect with presence to one another and to our world. Flexible and resilient, curious and inclusive, ethical and empathetic are in demand but rarely found leadership qualities that rely upon a scaffold of authentic presence upon which to build sustain and evolve.

As our society tilts more and more to dependence upon disembodied technology and mechanized thinking, those who can think, act, and communicate with embodied presence will be asked to step forward to lead.

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What is The Presence Hub?


The Presence Hub is a learning platform for business professionals who want to embody powerful, authentic presence in order to communicate and lead consistently with gravitas, humanity, and consistency in the service of others.


To start with, it is important to identify areas, where you can develop that, will have an immediate impact.

Building on the success and practicalities of this initial personal plan, the programme is designed for you to work through in small bite-sized lessons. This small change accumulated gradually will allow you to shift unhelpful habits and help you hone your natural presence. This will be who you become and readily access consistently, especially for high stakes interactions when we most need it such as talks, presentations, job interviews, important meetings, and dealing with challenging situations or people.


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The Presence Hub

Identify - Resolve - Evolve 



The Presence Hub

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  •  Expert bespoke assessment of your current communication skills and presence
  •  A personal presence development plan from Mark Downey to help you quickly address immediate challenges and play to your strengths.
  • You get a new personal plan every two months to help you build and embody your presence over the long term
  •  Eight plus hours of training videos to help you develop your physical presence, breathing, voice, speaking, thinking and influencing.
  •  A community forum of your peers moderated by Mark Downey where you learn from others’ successes and challenges
  •  The opportunity to propose topics or challenges that are of interest to you and have them developed into lessons/webinars/podcasts.
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 David McWilliams, Economist, broadcaster, bestselling Author

“Mark introduced me to some very interesting and practical concepts and techniques which had an immediate impact on my public talks. I would highly recommend Mark's professional, friendly and effective coaching to anyone who communicates for a living.”

 Liam O'Donughue , COO, DEPUTY CEO, Ibec

"I’ve really benefited from what I believe is Mark’s unique take on communication.Mark provides super insights and tips on body language,  and using the immense power of the voice to improve communications skills. He is a master at pushing you outside your comfort zone to become a better communicator."

Irene Murphy- Schwitzer,

Facilitator & Team Coach, Director of Magic Connections Ltd.

 "I learnt a lot that I can put into practice immediately in my own virtual meetings and workshops. I would recommend Mark's programmes for anyone who is trying to communicate with, and more importantly engage, people virtually."

Jonathan Gill,
Chief Executive Officer at Panaseer

"Mark Downey introduced me to some game-changing concepts in the area of communication that I was readily able to apply to my public speaking. We covered storytelling, preparation of content, preparation of self and impact. I now have simple drills that have helped develop longer-term habits for continuous improvement. I would recommend him to any leader seeking to enhance their communication impact.

Daphne A. Kenyon, PhD, Resident Fellow in Tax Policy, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

“I benefited greatly from Mark's programme. I only wish I had been able to take it many years ago! The videos were very helpful but I especially appreciated the exercises. I have been doing the exercises before making a presentation  and they help me to do a better job and also help my confidence. Thanks so much Mark!”


Alex Flores,

Head of Department and Programme Manager at European Patent Office

"We organized a workshop with Mark for our inhouse speakers for online training. He delivered a great two days experience, with fruitful explanations and insights on speech and presence in front of a camera.Mark was reliable, professional and flexible in adapting the program to the needs of the audience; the very positive feedback from participants was well deserved!"



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